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“A landscape image cuts across all political and national boundaries, it transcends the constraints of language and culture.”

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About Margeaux

Modern explorer. Wanderer on the beauty trail. Forever and incorrigibly in search of adventure…

Margeaux Ferreira is a freelance Travel and Landscape Photographer, Writer and Explorer. Born and raised in Portugal, she currently lives in Austin, TX.

Margeaux’s wanderlust began at a very early age. Born in a small medieval village founded in 1369 on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, her childhood was spent roaming wild and free, and in endless exploration. Most days, she could be found wandering along the riverbank or the countryside, playing in the sea, watching the fisherman bring in their nets and sleeping under the stars. As far back as she can remember, she was fascinated by the stories of the great Portuguese navigators and explorers of old who dared to venture out beyond the edge of the world. Those early history lessons instilled in her a sense that exploration and adventure were not only her birthright, but her future. Her wanderlust has since grown into a burning fire that fuels her life, and the list of places she wants to visit continues to grow with each new adventure. Read complete bio.