Modern explorer. Wanderer on the beauty trail. Forever and incorrigibly in search of adventure…

Margeaux Ferreira is a freelance Landscape and Travel Photographer, Writer and Explorer. Born and raised in Portugal, she currently lives in Austin, TX.

Margeaux’s wanderlust began at a very early age. Born in Corroios, a small medieval village founded in 1369 on the outskirts of Lisbon, her childhood was spent roaming wild and free, and in endless exploration. Most days, she could be found wandering along the riverbank or the countryside, playing in the sea, watching the fisherman bring in their nets and sleeping under the stars. As far back as she can remember, she was fascinated by the stories of the great Portuguese navigators and explorers of old who dared to venture out beyond the edge of the world. Those early history lessons instilled in her a sense that exploration and adventure were not only her birthright, but her future. Her wanderlust has since grown into a burning fire that fuels her life, and the list of places she wants to visit continues to grow with each new adventure.

Margeaux’s interest in photography was born out of her passion for nature and the outdoors. It all began several years ago when she impulsively purchased her first DSLR, a Nikon D90. From the outset, she experienced a penchant for photographing those vast ‘cinemascope’ panoramas and capturing the beauty of the natural world. She is drawn to majestic landscapes, rugged mountain wilderness, glacier-clad peaks, wild coasts and rainforests. Today, photography is an integral part of her life and a natural extension of the impulse to explore the world.

For over 20 years, Margeaux has worked as a marketing professional focused on developing brands, driving demand and managing marketing programs for numerous Fortune 500 and High-Tech companies. Previous employers and clients include  such high profile companies as Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Sprint, Panasonic and AT&T.

When she is not working or traveling, she spends much of her time planning her next adventure, primarily to the National Parks at the moment. She has a fondness for jumping out of planes, hanging off cliffs and generally any antic needed to get the shot. Often, the quality of the adventure is measured in direct proportion to the level of grunge and exhaustion sustained by the body.

Drawing on her long career as a marketing expert, Margeaux now hopes to focus on humanitarian, ecological and conservation projects that support the preservation of our planet and all its creatures. If you are interested in working with Margeaux, drop her a note here.


Artist’s Statement

Beauty all around me. With it I wonder…

Bright rays of morning light pierce through dense fog, illuminating and bringing to life the great ruins of Machu Picchu.
Calving glaciers fill Alaska’s Glacier Bay with icebergs that crash in thunderous echoes.
I catch a glimpse of Mount McKinley thrusting its mighty snow-covered north peak into the heavens.

It is these, and countless other incredible experiences that shape my life and give it meaning. I am never more alive, nor more at home, than when standing alone in vast wilderness, surrounded by the greatest natural landscapes on the planet. I photograph to capture my adventures and to share them, and my dreams, with other kindred spirits. In truth, my goal is less about creating photographic art, and more about simply capturing the inexplicable majesty, beauty and grandeur before me. In my eyes, a successful photograph is one that conveys my sense of wonder and passion for the great outdoors. When I stand where the view takes my breath away and I am moved to tears, that’s usually the time I press the shutter. In truth, I am but a humble admirer, to Mother Earth belongs the prize.

As Chiura Obata so eloquently said “Success or failure is not my aim in life. Whether I be a flake of snow or only a drop of dew, I do not care. I wish only to paint with gratitude to nature in my heart, and with sincerity in my brush.” These words echo my own heart.

Most of us live busy, over-committed, over-stimulated lives, and rush from place to place and experience to experience without ever truly inhabiting our lives or our world. Photography has helped me to gaze longer, gaze deeper and freeze the moments. It always amazes me to observe that no matter how many times I go back to photograph a place, no two images ever look the same. My mood, the season, the weather, the light and the time of day – these things are never static, and so no two images are ever identical. For that same reason, I also enjoy photographing unique moments that capture our humanity, frailty, dignity, strength and diversity. People often comment that my photos allow them to see in a new light places they have visited, or may never be able to visit. Sometimes, I’m told that my photos brighten an otherwise dull day at the office. It’s a great feeling to know that in my own small way I can make such a positive impact on someone’s life.

A life worth living is worth living with passion and intent. So, squeeze the juice out of the day. And join my adventures.

There is a big world out there and it is calling…
See you on the beauty trail,